Try Commenting – Canival Of Truth #2

Welcome to the November 24, 2007 edition of Carnival of Truth! My thanks to all the wonderful contributions to this edition!

I’m often surprised when I talk to my clients and find that they’ve been reading my blog … because very few readers leave their comments! So, in this edition of the carnival, I would like to invite you all not only to read the excellent following articles – but also to leave your comments when you do.

You can read a good article, and it may inspire you, or even stay with you for a while. But when you read an article with the intention of commenting on it, your reading experience changes dramatically. Within you, a voice will say “But what do I think about this?” Through the intention of commenting, you are synthesizing what you are reading with your own perspective. You open up to your own inner wisdom in response to the words in front of you. Your inner wisdom may agree, or disagree. You may find within you a completely different point of view, as it relates to your life experience. And suddenly, what you read takes on a whole new dimension of value in your life.

Putting your perspective into writing will further challenge you to clarify your perspective. Doing so publicly will promote taking ownership of your inner wisdom. And by sharing your insight, you may inspire someone, somewhere, and change the world just a little bit. So leave your comments … and then come back to this post and share your experience of commenting!

Tupelo Kenyon presents Persistence and Perseverance for Winners – Losers Just Quit posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, “Giving up is easy. Most people make a habit of giving up. In fact, they make a life of it. Persistence through a solution-oriented attitude is for visionaries, dreamers and other winners who refuse to take “no” for a final answer.

Matthew Spears presents That Childlike State and Love posted at Loving Awareness, saying, “There is so much we can learn from children. Most of us are disconnected from that childlike quality inside ourselves, that innocent state of joyful wonder that makes love for children so natural. And yet, it is available to us at all times, and an absolutely essential part of happiness and love. The article goes through qualities of a child we can learn to bring into our own life.”

Tina Su presents an excellent article on meditation in Finding Clarity and Inner Stillness through Meditation, posted at Think Simple. Be Decisive. And, just in case you want a little more from her on the topic, also check out her article Meditation 101: How to Start.

Meredith Mathews presents Anonyfriends can be kindred spirits posted at Lemonade Stand, saying, “In blogging, one can befriend others without ever really knowing them. One can find solace in revealing everything about themselves, yet never exposing who they really are.” All you bloggers will relate to the concept of “anonyfriends.”

Helga Sombrofsky presents Life Without Death posted at Questions and Chaos. This article includes her “thoughts on death from a biological perspective.” I don’t necessarily agree with her point of view, but thought this made for interesting reading.

I am blessed to have Patricia Singleton as a frequent commenter on this blog. She is a wonderfully authentic writer and I hope you’ll visit her blog. Here, she presents an incredibly courageous article. Family Secrets—Incest May Be A Part Of My Life Series—Part 5 is posted at Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker, saying, “In breaking the silence and sharing family secrets, you often find out how insidious the nature of sexual abuse can be. Sometimes, the abuse is even hidden from other family members.”

Albert Foong presents another fantastic article. Freedom from Judgement – the Beginning of Compassion is posted at Urban Monk.

Marcel Legros presents a very different kind of article, also about compassion. What is Compassion? is posted at Marcel Legros – Play the Game of Life. Marcel says: “This is a simple and direct observation of compassion in my own life.”

Hueina Su presents a very thoughtful and insightful perspective in The 212 Degrees Attitude posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of truth using our carnival submission form.


  • Andrea, thanks for including my article in this Carnival of Truth and for your words of encouragement that you often leave in your comments on my blog. I have made so many new friends just by reading and leaving comments on their blogs and by the comments that others have left on my blog. There really is a world of compassionate and caring people out there.

  • Thanks Andrea,

    Another great carnival. There are some great articles here. Thanks for hosting!

    Marcel Legros

  • Andrea says:

    Patricia – I can totally relate! I’ve connected with so many people through comments on various blogs. I think I found your blog through your comments on Slade and KL’s blogs, then commented at your blog, and I think then you came and visited here … and recently I’ve noticed that I see the same commenters on the various blogs I read. It’s a bit like we’re all “hanging out together” virtually! I love that! I’ve been so blown away by what a sense of community exists amongst bloggers. And it all starts when we share our thoughts with one another.

    Marcel – thank you for your contribution!


  • Hi Andrea,

    I agree with Patricia that this blogging journey has brought many new friends into my life, including you and recently Patricia.

    To be very honest, this commenting habit started off as an effort to drive traffic to my blog, which I think many bloggers do as well. However, over time, this has evolved into a genuine relationships and friendships in some cases.

    I do appreciate this a lot because these exchanges really helps us to discuss about stuff we don’t normally do with people around us, and it helps us to see perspectives that would have otherwise eluded me.

    Take your blog for example, I have also become one of your frequent readers, and your spiritual writings do add a lot to my perspective. As you probably know, I am not very spiritually inclined in my writings, but reading your work has helped me a lot in this area.

    Thanks for the support and please keep up your good work.

  • Deb Estep says:


    What an amazing and powerful reasons
    you’ve share with us for leaving comments.

    So many times the comment area
    clarifies points made in the original post
    and expounds upon those ideas too
    through the mind of the reader.

    Ideas or different perspectives shift
    for even the writer of the blog.

    Patricia and Albert… I’m familier with…
    Beautiful writers and teachers.
    I need to jump on the carnival band
    wagon and get to reading the others
    that you’ve shared.

    Thank you. !

    xo xo

  • Deb Estep says:

    As an afterthought to my first comment…

    I sometimes wonder if folks do not comment
    because they feel …
    ‘what could I possibly add to what the
    author has already said’.
    Maybe it’s intimidation that prevents
    someone from commenting.

    ALL blog authors enjoy knowing that
    their words have struck a chord in their

  • Thank you Andrea for hosting this! You have a wonderful collection of articles – and friends!

  • Andrea says:

    Deb – thanks for your comments! I agree wholeheartedly … so often, the comments my readers leave assist me in deepening a thought or coming to further conclusions – or to consider a whole new perspective. And I know some blogs where the discussions of the posts are highly insightful.

    I agree with you that some people may not think they have anything to add – which is why I’m so encouraging of commenting. We all have our unique Truth and perspective, so I think we all have something valid to say! And I, for one, do love receiving a response. From my perspective, a blog is an opportunity to hold an interesting conversation across space and time …

    Matthew – thank you for contributing your article!


  • Hi Andrea:

    Thank you for including my post in your carnival. I second what Matthew said — you have a wonderful collection of articles and friends. I think blogging provides a very unique opportunity for everyone involved to express themselves (a blessing in itself) and find beautiful friendships that might not be possible in our own community or daily lives. Sometimes I read blogs without commenting, not because I don’t like the articles, but rather because I often felt that I had nothing to add to them. I like your reasons for leaving comments, though. The intention of leaving a comment does make you think & process the information differently while you read. The feedback could benefit both the author and the readers. Anyway, thanks again for including me.


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