The way I see it, most (not all!) people spend their lives in a little box. The box provides boundaries, a sense of security, an identity. The box tells us how to live. The box eases the responsibility of choice, and so we agree to live in the box.

Some of us look up one day and realize that the box has no lid.

We get curious … what’s up there? And so we begin to explore what is above the box. We expand into the vastness of the spiritual realm. In this upper-dimensional reality, everything is possible, and we are totally free.

We fall in love with “up there.” We focus our attention on this world of abundant freedom. We get a taste of our own Divinity.

The problem is that our physical Self is still living in a box.

The contrast is painful, unbearable even.

Many of us decide to ignore the box, to focus all our attention on the spiritual realm where we can easily experience the limitless nature of our own Divinity.

But the pain of the box is always, always there to remind us that we are still human, too.

Some of us try to relabel the box. We paint it different colors. We rearrange it a little bit. But it’s still a box.

It’s only just a few of us who realize that the box is entirely of our own creation. It has no lid.

And so we climb out.

Initially we may feel lost and overwhelmed. All we want to do is find a new box, one that fits us. Everyone else is in a box, and so we feel strange, weird, on the outside of a society that seems totally content within self-created limitation.

We try to live in a few new boxes, only to find that these don’t really fit, either.

Finally, we try living without a box. We find both power and responsibility. Occasionally we still yearn for the simplicity of life in a box. We feel out of place. We feel lonely amongst all the people who still live in a box of their own choosing. But we know we couldn’t go back, because we’re finally living as ourselves.

We also discover that the vastness of our Divinity is present not only on the spiritual plane, but can be wholly translated into our human, third-dimensional experience. There is no part of our lives where we cannot stand in our authentic self-expression, if we choose to do so.

We discover that abundance flows outside of the boxes. We begin to have fun, playfully creating exactly the reality we want. Sometimes we get it wrong, but at least we KNOW that WE were the architects of our own mistakes, and don’t have to repeat them. And we meet other people who are doing the same, and no longer feel alone.

All this starts with the awareness of the spiritual realm.

But it REALLY starts when we climb out of the box. That’s the scariest part. It’s owning that we are free, and powerful beyond measure … not conceptually, but in what we DO, how we make our money, in our relationships, as parents, friends, as physical beings.

The scariest part is that, for a little while, we feel very alone.

It’s not about holding a belief. It’s about upholding possibility through ACTION and truly becoming the Divine Being you are, expressed as human. Not theoretically, mind you, but in practice.

What box do you need to climb out of? What box needs to be obliterated, because your Divinity cannot be expressed in its confines?

Do it.



  • Renee says:

    Once again you have provided an easy-to-understand frame of reference for the spiritual realm. This is really powerful stuff. Thank you for giving my little gray cells something meaty to think about!

  • esp says:

    When a person starts to do what they really want to do in life they face alot of oppisition from those who are still boxed in. Even the person who kept telling me I have a chocie (while making himself miserable pursing his education because he should (no wonder I wasn’t listening)) would have thought I was crazy if I had told him about the law of attraction and manifestation (I never did tell him because of a 3rd party). So when I quit my job instead of finding another job that would have just been the same misery at a different company I started a business (despite heavy oppistion my not looking for the job “I should” take). Infact I’ve started refusing to go along with alot of things that I was before if the only reason is because I should do them, and refused to give out on alot of things just because people disagree with my actions.

    I spent alot of time proving people wrong when they said I could not do it. I don’t care if I suceed just to rebel against every person who ever thought I should be thrown on the scrap heap of humanity. How ever much of me is out of that box isn’t going back in, because I love my new actions and what they could bring, and hated where being boxed in meant I would end up.

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