Gateway to manifesting power

There’s only ONE true gateway to increasing your manifesting abilities, and therefore your ability to create your chosen financial reality.

Yep, just ONE.

This gateway is what I like to call “conceptually popular” – everyone loves the IDEA of this gateway and embraces it – in theory.

The practicality, of course, is a different story.

Now, before we get into WHAT this gateway is, I want you to think of any areas in your financial life where you are currently not manifesting powerful results.

Maybe you keep reaching for the same financial goal over and over without creating the income you want.

Maybe you keep attracting the same disempowering situations at work, regardless of where you’re currently employed.

Maybe all your team members constantly let you down.

Maybe you consistently feel overlooked in spite of your expertise and accomplishments.

Here’s the thing:

If you are not manifesting results, then you are NOT fully activating the gateway to power.

Because if you WERE fully activating the gateway to your manifesting power, you’d have those results.

Makes sense, right?

I need to stress this before I tell you what the gateway is … because it IS so conceptually popular. Most people, especially highly conscious folks, don’t like to acknowledge that they are not fully activating this gateway.

What’s the ONE gateway?


I know.  It’s not a very sexy gateway.

But stay with me here, because this topic goes MUCH deeper than you might think.

As spiritual seekers, we acknowledge that we are responsible for creating our human experience.

So why are we not all creating buckets of money at will?

Because we’re not taking responsibility far enough!

Let me give you an example:

I once had a client, let’s call her Susan, who was completely and utterly financially stuck in her business. No matter what, she couldn’t seem to get her income past $5K a month … and she’d been in business for years, had invested in herself, and was a hard worker.

Turns out that Susan was vey close with her siblings, all of whom had tremendous money problems. So whenever Susan made a bunch of money, her brother and sister would come running, asking her to help them out.

And Susan would give them a lot of the money she had just worked so hard for.

Of course, Susan wasn’t going to let herself increase her income … because she knew she’d just end up giving it away to her siblings! She also subconsciously felt obligated to share her money with them, and she knew, deep down, that the more money she made, the more they would expect her to support them.

Susan had to reclaim her power through the gateway of responsibility in order to change her financial situation.

Here were the three stages of responsibility she had to move through:

1. Acknowledging Responsibility

She had to acknowledge the root cause of the problem, which was that she was giving her money away to her siblings whenever they asked. She also had to acknowledge that SHE had created this problem by setting the expectation for her siblings that they were entitled to HER income.

So far so good. As highly conscious folks engaged in personal and spiritual development, most of us are willing to go this far.

But guess what? Acknowledgement of responsibility is not the actual TAKING of responsibility!! You can acknowledge how you created your current reality all day long … it won’t actually change your reality one bit.

Many spiritual seekers work very hard at uncovering the root cause of their problems and are very willing to acknowledge responsibility … but stop at this stage. And they never create new results.

Here’s what else Susan now had to do:

2. Claiming Responsibility.

Susan now had to have a very difficult conversation with her siblings that went something like this:

“I’m very sorry that I’ve created the expectation that I will give you money whenever you ask me for it. I’ve been enabling you rather than helping you, and I don’t want to do that anymore. I know that you are totally capable of creating the money you want and need, just like I am. And I’m going to uphold that for you and stop enabling you.

So I’m giving you some money right now, and this will be the last time I can help you out financially. I’m happy to brainstorm with you about how you might be able to make more money on your own but in the future, please don’t come to me for financial help.”

That was a TOUGH conversation to have, right? Susan procrastinated on having this talk for weeks – she was terrified of how her siblings would react. And of course, they were pretty pissed off.

But this was just the preparatory step of CLAIMING responsibility, out loud. This is an uncomfortable step, for sure, but quite a few spiritual seekers will go this far. Claiming responsibility can create a temporary new result … but it still won’t shift your reality permanently.

The hard part was still to come:

3. Taking Responsibility

All was well for about six weeks after Susan had her difficult conversation. She focused on her own business, she allowed herself to FINALLY create an $8K month, and thought she had resolved the issue.

Until … her brother came to her with a financial emergency.

And of course, Susan now had plenty of money and could have easily come to his rescue.

And now she had a choice to make.

Perpetuate the old pattern. Or change it.

Susan did the hard thing. She turned her brother away.

And was immediately faced with a shit storm of familial drama.

Her siblings stopped talking to her. Her parents guilt-tripped her for months, calling her “selfish” until Susan realized she had to take a step back from them, as well.

Meanwhile, Susan’s income soared.

Her life filled with new friends who respected her boundaries.

And it took a few years, but her relationship with her family eventually healed … because her siblings started taking financial responsibility for themselves. In the end, they even acknowledged that Susan’s greatest gift to them was to stop enabling them.

Acknowledging and claiming responsibility is a great start. Most highly conscious folks are fairly comfortable with these steps. All day long on Facebook, I see people claiming responsibility! That’s what I mean by responsibility being “conceptually popular.”

Taking responsibility, on the other hand, usually sucks.

Taking responsibility is inconvenient at best, terrifying at its worst.

But responsibility is the gateway to power. The two go hand in hand. And without power, you can’t change any situation in your life.

Here’s the sweet side to taking responsibility:

The more you take it, the easier it gets.

Over time, you become more and more transparent with yourself. Not only are you unafraid of uncovering your self-imposed limitations … you start joyfully looking for them, because you KNOW that, no matter what you discover, you have the capacity of changing your patterns.

You become more and more willing to make mistakes, because you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you will correct them as they become apparent to you.

My conversations with the most successful people I know usually contain a strong theme of “Here’s how I fucked up. And here’s how I’m fixing it.”

So take a look at the results you’re not creating … yet.

Look at any blame, victimization, denial, escapism, or obligation energy you may be engaged in.

Don’t just acknowledge and claim responsibility … TAKE IT. It will involve uncomfortable new actions.

And then your life will change.

And it will be easier the next time.

To your infinite capacity for abundance,
Andrrea Hess


  • Sallie Keys says:

    Great article Andrrea! I was recently thinking and speaking to someone about this very same issue. I do have a question, because I was thinking of it in the reverse way. In this scenario, wasn’t Susan actually carrying TOO MUCH responsibility as well – as in carrying the responsibility for others? Does that make sense? But at the same time, you are correct as well – she needed to take responsibility for enabling them. And I suppose she was also not taking responsibility because it was easier not to, meaning looking for the easy way out?

    • Andrrea Hess says:

      Sallie, taking responsibility is really about engaging deeply with the consequences of what’s not working for us, and CHANGING them.

      We call it “taking responsibility” when we do for other grown adults what they could do for themselves … but it really is a dysfunctional way of being in control, or wanting to be liked or neeeded, or a gzillion other issues. It’s definitely enabling. 🙂

  • Stacie Forbes says:

    About two years ago, the extent to which I had assumed some level of responsibility for others was made crystal clear in a dream. After receiving a lottery jackpot, family and friends lined up at my front door with open hands. They began fighting each other over who should get what amount from me.

    I was “Susan”, and that was the imbalance I had created in my life. I’ve been correcting it, but with mixed results because I’m trying to move from Step 1 directly to Step 3. Thank you for the Step 2 conversation you included, because I am ready to have it with a few people.

    • Andrrea Hess says:

      Stacie, I see this situation a LOT, where clients hold themselves back financially because of who might come calling with “open hands.” It’s more common than we might think! Good for you for seeing that you’re missing a step … go have the conversation, without any attachment to their reaction. And then stick to your boundaries!!!

  • Sallie Keys says:

    That’s a really good point. It is a process of transformation. And no, it’s not an easy one to actually take responsibility and it really is such a huge issue that can create significant change in your life.

  • gia says:

    Oh yeah…getting ready to have that “come to Jesus” talk with my son. Step 2 and 3 are going to suck. So surrendering to that part now…and strengthening my resolve to have the conversation and follow through anyway!

  • Sofia says:

    Great article, Andrrea! Read it in one breathe! Thank you so much for publishing it… Real eye opener.

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