The One Thing You Cannot Manifest. Ever.

All too often, a student or client will share their financial goals with me in the context of our work together, and they tell me something like:

“I want to make enough money so that my husband can retire from his job and work in my business with me.”

“I want to be able to afford a lot more travel with my wife, maybe even spend six months overseas.”

These are great reasons to increase our income.

But there’s one problem.  These intentions involve creating new circumstances not just in your life, but the life of your significant other, your co-creative partner.

Whenever we want to increase our income in order to make a lifestyle change, we have to keep in mind that ours may not be the only lifestyle that will be changing.

And the one thing we CANNOT manifest, ever, is someone else’s results.  You can’t make someone’s life change FOR them. (Unless they are your children … different levels of responsibility altogether.)

Keep in mind that BOTH you and your partner are in perfect vibrational alignment with your current circumstances, whatever those circumstances may be.  The home you live in, what you do during your time together AND apart, your whole family’s lifestyle … these are all a reflection of your combined choices and combined vibrational state.  Both of you are aligned to the level of financial responsibility each of you currently has for the household, as well.

When we’re in a partnership, we co-create.  That means we participate in the consequences of our partner’s choices.

Let me say that again.

When we’re in a partnership, we participate in the consequences of our partner’s choices.

Well, what if you are the only one making new choices and taking new action?  Then your vibrational state will change.  But if your partner keeps doing what he or she has always done … well, then they will stay congruent to your current circumstances.  And you will not be able to manifest your desired result within the partnership.

See, this is not a matter of your partner being agreeable and saying: “Honey, go for it, I love this plan, I support you one hundred percent.”  Very few people are consciously opposed to their partner making more money, right?

But words and a supportive attitude are not what shifts our vibrational state.

Your partner can be as supportive in attitude as is imaginable … and can still make it impossible for you to manifest the goal you want … for BOTH of you.

You can try with all your might to make money so that you can move into a bigger home, for example.  If your partner, while in theory open to the idea of moving to a nice large home, is not actually VIBRATIONALLY ALIGNED to that result … it just won’t happen.

You can try as hard as you want to make an income that equals the income of your partner.  But if they are not vibrationally aligned to carrying only half of the financial responsibility for the household … it just won’t happen.

If you’re in a co-creative situation, BOTH you and your partner need to shift your vibrational state so that BOTH of you can experience a new financial reality.

That means making new choices and taking new action … for BOTH of you.  You’re both going to have to actually DO something different.

Since about 90% of my clients are women, the scenario I see most often is supportive husbands who come to events and sit in on VIP days … only to go home and keep doing what they’ve always done, frequently because they are the primary breadwinner for the family.

Meanwhile, the wife is frustrated beyond belief, because no matter what, income is inconsistent and never quite enough to make the lifestyle change she had envisioned.

If you want to create new circumstances for BOTH of you, then BOTH of you will have to shift your vibrational state through new action.  It can’t be done with one person taking bold new action while the other holds down the fort and waits for their partner to create that new income level.  New action doesn’t necessarily mean that both people have to be actively involved in the business.  New action doesn’t have to be directly related to creating income at all.  It just means that both of you will have to do things that are new and uncomfortable.

We can’t change the vibrational state of our partner.  That’s up to them.  We can’t do it for them.  Although I frequently see people try, with all their might, to get their partner to change.

Partners don’t really appreciate it when we try to change them.

There IS a bright side.

The beauty of manifesting within a partnership is, of course, that when both people shift their vibrational state, new circumstances can manifest much faster … because both of you are working towards a common goal.  When both of you simultaneously shift into alignment with your goals, absolute miracles of manifestation can occur.

This is not just true for personal partnerships, by the way.  The same goes for business partnerships.  Combined vibrational states that are in alignment with one another AND a common goal are incredibly powerful.

If you’re not creating the income you want, ask yourself if you’re trying to create solo while the reality of your life is that you’re in a co-creative relationship.

Remember, you can’t manifest someone else’s results.  Ever.

To your infinite abundance,
Andrrea Hess


  • Jessica Sage says:

    Brilliant! This finally explains why when I was living with my ex, several years ago, my ventures would NEVER get off the ground — it always felt like I was being drained of all creative energy and couldn’t manifest anything I really desired.

    Thanks for sharing this perspective, Andrrea!

  • Joumana says:

    Great article, Andrrea! It explains why my manifesting is limited to the small stuff and always hit or miss. I have been frustrated for so long trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. So what is the fix for this situation?

  • Patricia Benton says:

    Thank you, Andrrea. I’m having an ahha moment.

  • Liz says:

    I am in a partnership, but I want to create for me. I want to create more money for me, so I can enjoy my life. Does his vibrational state have to shift for me to increase my personal income?

    • Andrrea Hess says:

      Hi Liz … well, what you’re describing is definitely at odds with what it means to be in a partnership! 🙂 Even if your partner doesn’t directly benefit financially, your life can’t change without his also changing. That’s what it means to be sharing our life with someone! So he has to be vibrationally aligned to having a happier partner who enjoys her life more. If you’re trying to ignore the reality of being in a partnership as you’re trying to manifest, you may really run into problems.

      • Liz says:

        AHHHHHH! I see! This answers a lot!!! Many years of me working to do my work to change vibrationally and his just being supportive but not actually changing, although I never thought he had to change vibrationally also. This changes things. Now to figure out how to get him to change vibrationally…. and fast! *rubbing hands together* lol Any suggestions?

  • Liz says:

    Also, how would you get your supportive partner “on board”?

    • Andrrea Hess says:

      Liz, that’s SUCH a huge question – there’s no way I can answer it. It depends on what you’re trying to create. But I suggest that whatever YOU are trying to create, you start thinking about creating it together.

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