Rubber band

Let’s be clear: Your current income is a perfect match for your current vibrational state. That’s why it’s your income! You are in energetic resonance with whatever amount of money is currently in your bank account … or it wouldn’t be in your bank account.

It stands to reason, then, that if we want to attract more money into our experience, we have to expand our vibrational state!

Let’s talk about how to do exactly that!

Let me very quickly just reiterate that by “vibrational state” I’m referring to your PHYSICAL vibrational state, because that’s what determines what you attract at the PHYSICAL level of your human experience. We want real money, after all. We don’t just want to think more abundantly – we want actual income landing in our bank accounts!

The only way to shift our physical vibrational state is through new action. You can think new thoughts and shift your emotions all you want … at the end of the day, you need to change your physical vibrational state by doing something different if you want more income.

But let’s get back to expanding your current vibrational state …

Think of your vibrational state as a rubber band.

Your vibrational state is designed to stretch.

After all, as evolving human beings, we were bound to run into extraordinary and unusual circumstances from time to time. We may have found ourselves in a new part of the woods that we had never explored. We may have been confronted with a new predator to escape from.

And so, our vibrational state became very elastic in order to deal with unusual and extraordinary situations where we had to quickly do something new and different to survive.

Stretching the rubber band of our vibrational state to deal with unusual circumstances can be heady and exciting – for a while, we are not the same person. That’s why people love to travel! Putting ourselves into the extraordinary circumstances of an unfamiliar culture and country requires us to stretch our vibrational state to adapt, and for a while, we step out of our ordinary vibrational reality.

But what does a rubber band also do?

It contracts right back its normal length and shape once it is no longer forced to stretch.

And that’s great for the survival of the human species! We can stretch our vibrational state to deal with extraordinary dangers, and then go back to surviving as usual.

But it makes the business of permanently raising our income level a bit tricky.

All too frequently, I see entrepreneurs take extraordinary action for a short time. They do a speaking gig, or host a live event, or get into a flurry of networking, or do a launch … and they create a major cash infusion.

And that’s great!

But what happens next?

The money showed up, hurray! Now it’s time to relax and enjoy, right? The extraordinary action wasn’t sustainable, anyways. And so … the entrepreneur goes right back to their financial “normal.” In fact, they may create LESS income in subsequent months and by the end of a year or so realize that, in spite of one big income spike, their average income remained the same as before.

That’s the rubber band effect in action … we s-t-r-e-e-t-c-h our vibrational state for a while, only to contract back to “normal.”

But of course, you also know that it’s possible to permanently alter the length and shape of a rubber band … by keeping it stretched, and stretched, and stretched, until it finally relinquishes some of its elasticity.

That’s what it really takes to alter your income level permanently! You must take new action in a way that is sustainable, not for a few weeks, not even for a few months. The new action must become your new “normal” if you want your new income to become your new financial reality.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs treat a financial up-level like a sprint rather than a marathon. And so, their income fluctuates wildly. They take a sprint of extraordinary but unsustainable action and make a bunch of money. But then they need to rest … only to do it again. It’s exhausting. And for some, it’s even addicting … because those sprints give us an altered vibrational state during which we feel like a badass rock star.

If you want to permanently alter your financial “normal,” then you have to commit to new action that is sustainable. You have to truly become a different entrepreneur than you are today. You have to stretch … and hold … and hold … until you no longer feel stretched at all. You’ve just created a new “normal.”

To your abundance,
Andrrea Hess

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