I’ve talked a great deal in recent articles about letting go of goals and and setting intentions, instead. But there is another side to this way of flowing through life that I’d like to address today.

Here’s how it sometimes goes: We get inspired through an idea, a project, a vision. We feel excited and happy with this vision. It thrills us, and we feel this could be our path and purpose. Now our mind gets hold of our vision and starts asking “how can I get there?” Many of us will now start setting goals and making plans and go into “achievement” mode. But a good many of us will also get overwhelmed by the many, many steps our mind starts planning out. And rather than taking a single action based on our intent to create our vision, we resort to that great spiritual cop-out: “If it’s supposed to happen, it’ll happen.” And so our vision sits in our minds and hearts, unexpressed and serving no-one.

Make no mistake about it. Nothing is “supposed to” happen. We live in a Universe based on free will and free choice. This includes the choice to be inspired with purpose – and the choice not to do anything with that inspiration. Life will open doors of opportunity, over and over again, based on our intention. But we must choose to walk through those doors. Our Higher Self and our Spirit Guides will nudge and inspire us, patiently, repeatedly, with infinite love and acceptance. But taking action is something we must choose to do. We can stand still on our journey, the path clear before us, and still choose not to take a single step. The path will not walk itself. The next step will not simply happen to us. We must choose forward movement.

At this point it may be tempting to make a plan and take action towards a specific goal. But that leads to attachment to a specific outcome, to striving, to living in the future. Instead, we take action to support the energy of our intention. A supporting action is one that could conceivably assist us in manifesting our intention. But we don’t attach to its outcome. Action is how we express our creative aspect. We make something happen here in the physical world. We create something. The energy of our creative action reflects our intent.

Let’s say, for example, that your vision is a loving, intimate relationship. You’ve received the inspiration that you’re ready for the kind of relationship that you’ve always wanted for yourself. You feel full of possibility. Let’s say that this relationship, to you, represents partnership. You go about your business as usual, confident that the partner you’re “supposed to” be with is just around the corner. You wait, you look, and nothing happens. Never mind that your best friend wanted you to take a class in partnered yoga with you. Never mind the joint venture partnership that you turned down in your business. You were too busy looking for the romantic partner that is “supposed to” come into your life. And so here you are, still waiting.

If you’re wondering now if perhaps that intended romantic partner could have been a student in that yoga class, or have been that joint venture partner – well, that’s the mind, wanting to supply the “how.” But taking supportive action isn’t about creating a specific result. Taking supportive action is about creating the energy of your intention in your life, right now. In the above example, opportunities for partnership – the true essence of the intended relationship – presented themselves. But because they were not in immediate linear alignment with the intent, these opportunities remained unrealized. For the sake of our belief system, it’s nice to think that the supportive action might lead to the intended outcome. But that’s really not the point.

Here’s the true beauty of taking supportive actions that align with our intent. There is no success or failure. The result of our action doesn’t matter nearly as much as the energy that the action represents. By taking action, we are stepping into our role as creator of our experience. We are drawing our intention closer and closer to us, without needing to know exactly “how” this is going to come about. But make no mistake about it – without taking action, forward movement is simply not going to happen.

Do something that supports your vision, your intention. Take one step, even if it’s just a baby step. Walk through the next door of opportunity that opens itself to you. Don’t try to figure out how this door will take you to your vision. Just take that one action, and let the next step reveal itself. And then take that step, too. Before you know it, you will have traveled further than you could have ever imagined. But with every step, you chose to be the Creator of your experience by taking action.

Are you just sitting on your vision of your highest path? What’s one supportive action you could take today?


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  • Part of the fun for me – observing the magic in my world – is the investigative excitement of watching my intentions unfold in form.

    It’s like a juicy plot line, a mystery, a brand new special episode starring…

    Using your example of setting the intention of partnership, I’m truly awestruck and delighted by how the Universe casts those guest-stars for me – I could never have predicted the business partners I have, I don’t even try – because the surprise of who they are, what they bring, and the wonderful timing that brings us together is better than anything I would script, even if I was given a Big Magic Pen…

    Approach your intentions with wonder:
    Who will it be?
    How will my life change?
    Where will I find that amazing new person?
    In what context will they pop up?
    In what area of my life do I really need the collaborative energy?

    More times than not, the details I leave wide open are the best part of the experience.

  • Andrea says:

    So true, Slade. What manifests itself is usually better than anything we could have planned ourselves!

    Sometimes we get so stuck on what things “should” look like that we miss out on all the opportunities life sends our way. I love your phrase “investigative excitement.” That’s the perfect attitude – curiosity and joy over what may unfold, always ready to flow into action with opportunities that present themselves, but without trying to control that flow. Love those questions … thank you so much for contributing these thoughts.

    What can I say – you rock! 🙂


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