The question I seem to get most often these days is: “Andrea, I have a huge vision of my purpose in this lifetime. But I don’t know how to get there! Where do I even start?”

Highly conscious seekers everywhere are feeling the discomfort of what I call “the gap.” It’s the gap between who you are as an incredibly Divine, abundantly gifted spiritual Being … and the actual practical application of your Divine purpose into your human experience.

It’s possible to develop your consciousness to a very high level through spiritual development practice. Meditation, healing work, the conscious application of the Law of Attraction – all of these give you insight to your Divine nature and your purpose. You become inspired with a vision of how much you are truly capable. You may have a dream of how you’d love to serve the world and make a living. But if you have not yet acted on that vision and begun doing your purpose through your work in the world, you may find yourself increasingly uncomfortable … because your actual, physical reality is nowhere close to that vision! And through your continued spiritual development work, your vision just seems to get bigger!

The pressure of the gap between where you are right now and the vision of your purpose can weigh heavily on you. It might be discouraging to think of how far you’d have to come, how much you’d have to accomplish, in order to truly live your purpose. And so you might go into “seeker mode.” You look for the modality, the training program, the manifesting method that will get you “there” – preferably quickly! And if you can’t see how one path or another could possibly lead to your grand vision, you continue looking and searching and seeking. In the meantime, you get more and more uncomfortable.

I know only one way to step out of the discomfort of the gap.

Just start.

Pick a path – any path! The truth is, the quickest way to get to the grandest vision of your purpose is to simply take the next available step. Even if you’re not sure how that one step will lead you to the road you wish to travel, you are still going to get a LOT closer than if you’re standing still.

We are not here to “know” exactly how to live our purpose. We are here to EXPERIENCE ourselves in the unfolding of our Divinity into our humanity. Knowing how to do so comes out of the experience of the journey. Every step on any path teaches us more about how to live our purpose. In each step, we discover how to align – or how not to align – to our most Divine selves.

Trying to figure out the path before taking a single step means short-changing ourselves of this discovery process … and the gap grows, as does the discomfort.

The first baby step you take is going to seem dissatisfying compared to the grand vision of your Divine purpose. That’s okay – it will still take you closer than where you are right now. The second step will be more satisfying, and easier to take. The third step will have you feeling braver, more sure of yourself. Each step becomes more satisfying.

None of this happens without that first step.

If you’re in the discomfort of the gap – just start.



  • “We are not here to “know” exactly how to live our purpose. We are here to EXPERIENCE ourselves in the unfolding of our Divinity into our humanity.”

    Great take-away…

  • Phyllis says:

    Yes – wonderful explanation of this particular feeling. I really like how you move it along into something to do. My husband and I were having this same conversation a few days ago. Thanks for posting it.

  • Katharine Lee says:

    I second that! There was definitely some deep resonance with this line…a great reminder to our Spirit, an a-ha moment. Thank you so much for sharing your well received thoughts! I’ve definitely felt the frustration of what you described, but these last few days I feel I’ve been transported to another universe. A place filled with exuberance, where just doing feels inspirational and with purpose. Muchas gracias for the encouragement!

  • This is totally true! The Universe will guide us in the right direction but it can’t do anything if we are standing still. This is a great post for me to print out and re-read. Thanks.

  • Andrea,

    “The gap” is exactly where I have been existing for a few months. Thanks for this article; it helped me start moving my feet in the direction the Divine wants me to walk in to earn a living doing what serves others and what brings me joy.


  • wendy down says:

    Great post, great advice, Andrea.

  • Crystal says:

    So true Andrea! Thank you for sharing with us! I know I have had that gap many times! Looking for that one class or method that will “fix” everything and then I’ll be ready to start on my path and finally “get there.” Sometimes I still feel the gap, but that dream seems to get closer with each first step I take.

  • Hey Andrea – GREAT post. I love the Chinese saying of “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.” Einstein also said “Nothing Changes until Something/body Moves.” It’s physics, it’s classic coaching and I love using it with myself and with a client. Even David Allen uses it in his productivity coaching []. Just stepping forward or sideways makes a difference. We see things from a different perspective – something new is in our line of vision and some else moved out of our sight.

    Loved your telesummit on Intuition and Business. And thanx for turning me on to Lisa Cherney on Conscious Marketing.

    Keep us moving, Andrea. Thank you!

  • Sue Sullivan says:

    Andrea, you are so awesome. You give me so much hope and happiness!

  • sandy says:

    Andrea, I love how you always say exactly what I need to hear. Sandy

  • Dr. Dan says:

    Thank You Andrea…

    What you have explained…and the way you have explained it is much more elegant than the way it was told to me not too long ago by a friend…I’m paraphrasing:

    “Dan…get off your butt and apply the Law of Doing. If you want to make your dreams a reality…then apply the Law of Action. Action begets activity…activity begets problems…and problems begets solutions. If one solution don’t work…try another one…but always be doing…”

    With Love & Light Andrea,
    Dr. Dan

  • Hi Andrea,
    I love this article. I’ve been in the gap at times and many of my clients are. I was just preparing a teleseminar on inner guides for Thursday and the quote Slade mentioned really fits in with it. I’m going to use it, with your name of course. Your material is so in alignment with what I’ve been saying and writing for years, and you do it so elegantly. Thanks for your clarity.
    Love and Blessings,
    Helaine Z. Harris

  • Patricia says:

    Very well written post which clearly spells out a path that one can step toward to bring about action and results.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog post and it did get me to discover you and your good words.

    I feel very very close to the divine – but definitely not manifesting funds for living out my life.

  • Diane Green says:

    Thank you, I love your advice to just pick a path and start and I love Dr Dan’s more colloquial way of putting it. I have been at the gap for such a long time not knowing how to close it and you are so right just starting makes a huge difference.

  • Malgorzata says:


    So true! I have been in a gap for a long time, totally overwhelmed with my big vision and not being able to move at all. Until it got me, that I do not have to create this big vision at once. As long as I move in a baby steps in the direction I feel drawn to, all is fine. Everything is good. I am fine and enjoying the process! 🙂

    Lots of love,


  • Andrea,

    It’s always good to see a little different twist on powerful concepts. You are so right any engagement clarifies path. I wish I could permanently delete the words, “I have to figure it out first,” form the minds of all my clients.

  • Dr. Dan says:

    Thank You Again Andrea…

    “Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you ready or not, to put this plan into action.”
    — Napolean Hill, Motivational Writer

    Love & Light,
    Dr. Dan

  • esp says:

    The good news is that I started taking this advice a long time ago:
    desire + action + visaulization = manifestation

    Actaully the hard part isn’t wanting or visualizing, it’s beleiving and allowing. After all how many people would bother learning about the LOA if there wasn’t at least one thing they were desperate for, or in my case every part of my life was just in a disaster of some sort.
    Actaully right now it’s not beleiving that it’s on it’s way so much as waiting…that part has me at wits end

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