I’m in heaven right now. Balmy ocean breezes, swaying palm trees, the hypnotic sound of the ocean waves lulling me into a deep state of relaxation. The resort I’m staying at is lovely. This morning, I watched a giant iguana have its breakfast through the window of my treehouse in Belize.


I’m being mercilessly eaten by every bug in the jungle. None of the restaurants are enclosed or air conditioned, which means I’m a meal while having my meals. There’s a gecko in my treehouse that keeps waking me up at all hours of the night. The poverty right outside of the resort is overwhelming. And then there’s the racism that becomes obvious when you publicly spend time with your Belizian friends …

I’m not complaining. It’s just my current reality.

In the spiritual development community, we like to keep our focus on the positive side of life.
But Truth is, there’s ALWAYS a polarity inherent to our reality. There’s always a down side, a shadow, a negative aspect to every positive experience.

The key to creating a life of abundance is to CHOOSE the right negative polarity FOR US.

You see, every Soul has what I call its “kryptonite,” a shadow energy that stands in direct opposition to our Divine Gifts.

It’s the negative polarity that we want to AVOID in our reality at all costs. Because it stands in direct opposition to our Divine Gifts, this negative polarity actually will not allow you to create abundance.

For example, some of us can easily tolerate energies such as drama, or loneliness, or compromise. These energies might simply be the annoying negative polarity of our current reality, which overall is amazingly abundant.

But for other Souls, these same energetic qualities in our experience will prevent us from attracting abundance in a BIG way.

If we ONLY focus on the positive side of life and ignore the negative polarity – because it’s not “spiritual” or we are hell-bent on practicing gratitude or we just don’t want to acknowledge its existence – we may be cheating ourselves out of our most abundant self-expression.

Every reality – even the most abundant, joyful, and fulfilling reality – comes with its negative polarity.

BUT we get to CHOOSE the negative polarity we prefer! We get to CHOOSE which negative polarities are simply anchoring us into the essential duality inherent to third-dimensional life. And we get to avoid the negative polarities that are truly opposing to our Divine nature.

No matter what you create … there is always a negative polarity inherent to our reality.

Pay attention to the down sides, the negative aspects of your experience. If you’re having trouble manifesting abundance, you may be tolerating your Soul’s “kryptonite” in your experience.

To your abundance,
Andrrea Hess

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