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Have you ever gotten completely stuck on a business decision?

You know, the decision that you end up simply working AROUND, because you just can’t seem to make up your mind?

Maybe you can’t decide what you want to offer as a “freebie” that invites new prospects into your community.

Maybe you can’t decide what business model you want to embrace in order to create more leverage.

Maybe you can’t decide which direction to take your brand in … even though you KNOW you’re overdue for a course correction.

Sometimes these decisions remain unmade for months, even years! And of course, they sabotage our income. Unmade decisions take up a mountain of creative energy as we ponder the pros and cons and options and possibilities, only to STILL find ourselves unable to come to a conclusion.

The solution?

You’re looking at the wrong problem.

The decision you’re wrestling with is probably not the REAL decision you must make. What you’re hung up on is probably just a symptom of a much, much bigger choice that you haven’t even dared look at!

If you can’t seem to decide on your free offer, maybe it’s because you haven’t actually fully committed to the business itself just yet!

If you can’t decide on a more leveraged business model, maybe it’s because you KNOW that more income will cause all the cracks and turmoil in your relationship to finally blow apart … and you just haven’t decided whether you want to stay or go.

If you can’t seem to decide which direction to take your brand in, maybe it’s because you haven’t yet committed to expressing yourself fully, regardless of what criticism might come your way.

If you are stuck on a business decision … ask yourself what the implications would be of actually making that decision.

How would your business change?

How would your life change?

Is there any part of you that isn’t on board with those changes just yet?

What is the much bigger decision that is lurking in the background, waiting for you to gather your courage and declare yourself?

To your infinite abundance,
Andrrea Hess


  • Tracy says:

    Goodness. This came at the right time, Andrrea. I’ve been wrestling with what do I really do, what do I want to offer, am I the right person to offer it, can I even really help anyone. So much so, that I told my community I am on hiatus and they won’t hear from me for 2 months. It’s been 3 weeks, yet I still spin in indecision. Thank you for this article. There is a lot here for me to ponder. Blessings.

  • Your articles are so spot on. I’m so grateful for your wisdom. You truly are a gift. Your article about resistance is my new opening page when I open the interwebs. THANK YOU!

  • Beverly Britland says:

    i have been asking for the direction to take in coming up with a business plan. You are amazing and have so many gifts and wonderful ideas to many of us who are pondering In the equation of the direction to proceed forward in . I am brand spanking new to all of this and I am seeking lots of guidance. This article hit on everything that I have been pondering over. Thank You… Many blessings

  • Kat says:

    Wow that’s a powerful question: If you are stuck on a business decision … ask yourself what the implications would be of actually making that decision.

    Wow wow wow. I’m going to think about this one! Thank you Andrea once again for your amazing content.