Owning our value is not just something that happens within our purposeful work, or even within our business.  Owning our value truly is an endeavor that encompasses our entire human experience! We are whole Beings, after all.  We can’t expect clients to recognize the value of what we offer when we don’t treat ourselves as amazingly valuable Beings in the rest of our lives.

candle-386607_1280Here are six ways you can raise the perception of your own value … make no mistake about it, ALL of these will indirectly contribute to your bottom line!

1. Make one small commitment to yourself, and keep it.

It’s an amazing thing to know that you can TRUST YOURSELF to follow through on your decisions by taking action.  Discipline is probably one of the greatest habits you can cultivate as an entrepreneur. But discipline and self-trust don’t happen overnight.  They are like a new muscle that you have to train and strengthen.  So decide on ONE “do-able” thing you will follow through on tomorrow.  And do it.  Pick another for the next day.  And do it.  Over time, you’ll find that you can trust yourself to be highly disciplined in taking action!

2. Choose who you share your inspirations with.

Inspiration is a tender little seedling, easily crushed.  If you’re excited about a new idea or project that just came to you … share it wisely.  Nothing takes the wind out of our sails faster than a friend who plays “devil’s advocate” with our newly hatched vision, or one who is simply not in a position to get excited for us.

3. Refuse obligation.

How often do we do what we don’t want … because we’re being polite, because we had made plans with friends months ago, because we feel we “should?” If you had plans to see a movie after dinner, and you’re tired … go home. If you feel you “should” attend your friend’s party, but you really don’t want to … don’t. If you don’t want a room mate at the next event you attend … get your own room. The people who truly love and respect you will support you in doing what is right for YOU, not what is convenient for THEM.

4. Say “no” without explaining yourself.

It’s amazing how often we feel the need to explain why we say “no.”  The next time you find yourself trying to come up with a “good” excuse … remember that you don’t need one.

5. Honor the pitch.

Let’s be honest, now … when you’re on a free webinar or teleclass, or even at a live event, do you roll your eyes and tune out when it’s time for a sales pitch?  Do you get uncomfortable?  Do you perhaps even feel angry or resentful at someone trying to sell you something? Do you get annoyed when someone’s ad keeps popping up in your Facebook feed?  When you get excessive marketing emails? Guess what?  These are fellow entrepreneurs, putting their gifts out into the world, trying to offer value they deeply believe in.  They are just like you.  Even in your own thoughts, treat them kindly. If you get pissed off or resentful over other people’s marketing and sales efforts, it WILL affect your own in a negative way. Which brings me to …

6. Celebrate the success of others.

If you hear that a fellow entrepreneur got her first client, filled his first live event, manifested her first five-figure month, added thousands of people to his list, bought a new home, or is sipping coffee in Paris … how do you react? Can you celebrate them?  Lack mentality reacts by thinking that someone else’s success is taking away from your own.  Abundance consciousness, on the other hand, celebrates itself, even when it is present in someone else’s experience. To your infinite abundance, Andrrea Hess


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