She Knows What She Wants. Here’s Why She’s Not Going For It …

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I got a FANTASTIC question from a former client of mine the other day:

“I am not struggling with what I want to do and what I should do. I even have a vision for what my business looks like – however I find myself everyday avoiding moving forward with it. Why?

I am really happy in my life exactly how it is, except if I could change anything I would make way more money and have that fulfillment of running a successful business doing what I love so that my family and I would have more freedom to do what we want.

So why am I stuck? Why am I holding on to my current life and routine when I know I do want more?”

The problem is pretty simple.

You ONLY want to change your financial situation.

But changing your financial situation actually means changing EVERYTHING.

You see, making more money isn’t just a function of allocating time and energy to new action. Of course, that’s an essential part of it! But stepping into greater financial abundance requires so much MORE of us. (Which is why so few people do it!)

We have to slay a whole bunch of our dragons.

We have to confront all of our self-worth issues, our fears of standing out, our needs to be liked, our desire to do things “right” … to name just a few.

Entrepreneurship is the greatest path of personal and spiritual development we can embark upon. The simple act of asking strangers for money in a sales conversation can be the most transformational thing we ever do, no matter how many meditation retreats and sweat lodges you’ve been to!

And it’s a really HARD journey … not because of the things we have to do, but because we have to overcome all the reasons within ourselves for why we’re not already doing those things!

It’s also the most awesome, amazing, transformational journey EVER. But – and here’s why you’re not moving forward! – it changes us. It changes us forever.

Money shows up because we’ve completely shifted our vibrational state into a new alignment with abundance. It shows up because we’ve literally changed who we are at a fundamental level. And because the changes to ourselves ARE so fundamental, everything changes!

Our relationships change.

Our parenting changes.

Our entire mindset and the way we view the world changes.

A part of us knows all this – knows how much inner work will be required of us, how that inner work CANNOT be done without practical action, and just how much we will change.

A part of us also knows that there is NO WAY we can predict how our loved ones – our partners and spouses in particular! – will react to our transformation. No matter how supportive they are, no matter how encouraging – our transformation will shift the balance of our relationships forever.

Every reward carries with it an element of risk.

The greater the inherent reward, the greater the risk.

This is the Universal Law of Polarity at work, and there is NO WAY around it.

So if you’re going to embark upon this journey, be prepared. You can’t know who you will become, or how your life will change. You have to be willing to step onto this path, not for the money, but for the sake of who you might become, and for the delight of experiencing yourself in the fullness of your Divine self-expression.

To your success,
Andrrea Hess

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