When we become more conscious, it seems we also become more impatient with the physical world! This can really create a problem when we’re trying to manifest financial results.

Here’s what’s happening.

More than ever before, we’re now able to tap into the super information highway that is the fifth dimension. Intuitive guidance, the vision of our Soul’s purpose, the desire to serve others … all of these are heightened as we develop fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Sounds great, right? And it is! We have SO MUCH MORE information available to us about our Divine nature than ever before!

Except we are still physical beings, looking to create in this third-dimensional, human experience.

The fifth dimension lies outside of the confines of time and space. Which means everything is instant and available. Fifth-dimensional consciousness allows us to tune into all that is possible for us and helps us create big purposeful visions for our life. It’s all right there, right now, and it’s effortless.

This physical dimension, by comparison, isn’t nearly as much fun.

The physical world is dense. It takes huge amounts of effort (i.e. action!) to move energy. We have linear time to contend with, which means everything happens so sloooooowly!

What I’m noticing more and more is that us highly conscious folks aren’t patient enough to truly GROUND our fifth-dimensional vision and guidance into this third-dimensional experience.

Let’s say you have a vision for a coaching or healing practice. Fifth-dimensionally, you see how many Souls are poised to work with you, you witness your global reach and impact, you tune into the abundance of your Divine Gifts and the abundance they will create for you and others … and it is remarkable.

Third-dimensionally, on the other hand, you put up a website only to discover that no-one seems to care. You realize that building a mailing list of thousands may take a LOT longer than you thought. You talk about what you do and, surprisingly, clients do not immediately recognize your Divine Gifts and take as long as six months of “thinking about it” before signing up with you.

It’s slow going in the physical world.

The temptation is to assume that the original vision was obviously not the “right” one. After all, if that vision were the “right” one, surely finding clients and creating income wouldn’t take so much time and effort, right?

And so we try something else – we access the fifth dimension for a new vision, new inspiration … and because we are the boss, we inevitably get one.

Only to discover, AGAIN, that implementing that vision third-dimensionally is not what we thought it would be.

And so it goes.

But here’s the secret:

YES, grounding our vision and our Divine gifts and our purpose into this third dimension initially feels like we’re trying to get a massive freight train rolling through our personal efforts. We have to do annoying, tedious WORK. And at first, nothing much happens.

But there is also immense power in this dimension.

If we stay committed to our vision, if we insist on grounding our Divinity and purpose and stay focused … a little movement happens.

Movement begets more movement. The freight train shifts a bit, and a bit more.

Does that mean income rolls in? Not necessarily – not yet. And I see lots of people who jump ship right at this point … because the little bit of movement seems so dissatisfying compared to the effort we’ve put in.

But if we just … keep going, keep doing, keep grounding our vision, more movement will happen. People are suddenly interested in what we do. We find that we have people responding to us – in person, on our blog, via social media, even socially.

We are gathering momentum.

And one day, it’s as if a dam bursts. We start getting paid – finally!

We grounded our Divine value, we anchored our purpose into this dimension and allowed for that energy to travel through time and space. And we allowed people to respond.

It takes time. I know that’s annoying at times (I’m not a patient person, either!), but imagine if you instantly manifested every single thought you had. Life would be a mess!

The time it takes for the physical world to respond to your manifesting efforts is what you want give you opportunity to refine and course correct and stand in utter commitment to your purpose.

In the spiritual realm, everything is instant and effortless and available. But we live here, in the physical world … and our job, more than ever, is to bridge the gap between the two.

It takes time.

The good news is that, once we have third-dimensional momentum, once that freight-train is moving … everything gets easier. We are in action, we are broadcasting the energy of our vision and purpose loud and clear, and we attract, and attract, and attract.

If you are starting, be patient. Notice the tiny shifts of movement and celebrate them … even if they seem ridiculously small compared to the effort you’ve invested. Movement begets more movement.

Stay with your vision and purpose. Focus on grounding both into your physical reality. The physical world WILL respond. It just takes time.



  • Marta says:

    Thank you Andrea, this article comes at perfect timing for me. I was drowning in frustration. Although I begin to notice those little movements, they seem so little and so scarce! But yes, let’s celebrate what is and stop complaining for what it is not.

  • Rich Layton says:

    A helpful reminder to stop, look and acknowledge that the drip drip drip of response to my new CD has become a steady trickle of airplay at stations around the world where I sent copies a month or so ago. Seeing more and more dots connect that will bring serious attention to the songs when things reach critical mass. Thanks, Andrea!

  • Another AMAZING teaching from one of the best spiritual teachers delivering her gifts to the planet at this time. I so love your Practical Side Andrea!! The truths that you share are as always invaluable – thank you for being able to stand with clarity and commitment in your own purpose as a SEER ON the Bridge with your feet right here on the ground and your head reaching for and connecting with the STARS! Loving Your LIGHT! Amethyst

  • Definitely my experience too. It’s like a snowball effect, but then again it doesn’t happen gradually in a straight line so to speak – it comes in waves and it is (of course it is :-)) in perfect alignment with the grounding process. The thing is – and that’s another aspect of grounding – that having a vision we think we’re ready long before we are. When we really are, and take action, that train begins to roll. And it also stops sometimes, when you need time to do some more inner and outer work for you’re ready to proceed.

  • Elaine says:

    Thanks Andrea.
    It’s so hard to be patient!!
    I think you summed me up pretty well! It takes a lot of conscious effort to not doubt myself, my goals and purpose and try something new.

  • Well done! This article expresses what every beginning spiritual leader needs to know. It just takes time and patience here on Mother Earth. Thanks for your grounding insight!

  • Michelle says:

    Andrea, I love how you have described this here. It makes so much sense. I know from working with you this past year how challenging this can be, and yet I am seeing that movement that begets movement that begets movement. I am all about mastering the art of taking action, and I love when you say, “The physical world is dense. It takes huge amounts of effort (i.e. action!) to move energy.” Action is the key, and when I got that, things changed for me in a big way. When my clients get that, same thing. You also address really well the jumping in and out of things I see so many people doing – oh, this isn’t working, it must not be meant to be, I’ll go do something else, and then you have to start the momentum all over again.

    Thank you. I am standing in utter commitment to my purpose!

  • Kordula says:

    Thank you Andrea, I do see this realy hapend in my live actualy, just we have to get out of the stead of fear, and be pasient like you tould above and belive and see the thinks we wish to happend, as if there are happend allredy.
    Im looking forward for your telleseminar.
    Greating Kordula

  • Dan Hanneman says:

    Hi Andrea – This is a brilliant piece… thanks – it is a magnificent reminder for me in all that I am doing now.

    Love & Blessings,


  • Patricia says:

    I am being patient and I know I am doing the right work, and each client I listen to confirms that – and so much of my reading is highlighting my path all around me…it will come

    Then someone said to me – “Do you want to be a rock star or just have it come together as you can handle it?” As I am learning baby steps processing, I need to not have instant success.. which would be overwhelming to me and would probably defeat my wisdom..
    I am still frustrated with my technical problems…I erased my whole newsletter template and had to pay for recovery – aargh…but I know I just need to keep learning these skills, because folks really need my service and I do not want to burn out..
    Wiseears.com is very slow, but is picking up the pace step by step….I am brilliant and wise at this…
    practicing Satsung (holding a space for truth; someone who practices sacred listening) is not a very supported art form or gift. It will come.

  • Gail says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks again for your timely teaching. August has been a busy month and my train is moving. I can now see the strands that I have pulled into this reality and they have finally merged. A wise woman once said be prepared to change, change your mind and change direction. Thank you again. Many blessings.


  • John says:

    I’m a 20 year old recently introduced newly into the unconditional-love spirituality of God.
    My parents being missionaries, I was raised in a strict and conventional christian environment. I knew something was not quite right.

    Well here I am now, learning and experiencing and learning and challenging myself and my world in this process of manifestation and fulfillment of the newly-begotten dream/vision/ideal of mine.

    And your post really helped.
    Thank you very much.:)

  • Sue Sullivan says:


    This message has been key to my growth this past year. It’s making such a difference and helping me to appreciate my baby steps. Yeah!

    Besides experiencing this in my business, I’m experiencing it in landscaping in the desert. Oh the planning stage was so fun and so interesting. Now that we’re out with the shovels, it’s sooooo much work. But I remember your message here too. As the soil enriches, so will our landscape. It just takes time, and in the beginning a lot of work.

    Thank you for taking your baby steps and creating something so beautiful you can share with us!!!

  • Kara says:

    Thank you for this reminder. Gotta go back inside, ground, and go back to some of your principles for bringing my vision into the physical.

    Glad you can be a beacon for those of us that keep forgetting!


  • esp says:

    It’s been hard for me to be wait for the money to start finding it’s way to me in here in the 3d. It was so hard to get where I am now that I was euphoric over my first 2 cents. The hard part was never the effort I was putting into the business that I love, with every manifestation I have started it’s being patient. Be it with love, money, power, health, you name it.

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