Is Money Coming In The “Wrong” Way?

wrong way

Lately, I’ve had a few students tell me that they are fully engaged in their manifesting process and aligning themselves to greater financial abundance … and then, instead of attracting new clients in their business, their spouse gets a raise.  Or they’ll get new clients for the work they are trying to move away from.  Or they get a great job offer, which they don’t even want.

wrong waySo money IS showing up in their experience.  It’s just not showing up the way they want!  It’s not showing up through their business.

When money comes into your experience through odd avenues, it’s both good and bad news.

The good news is that you’re vibrationally congruent to the money.  That’s why it HAS to show up.  If you’re vibrationally aligned to money, it MUST show up in your experience.  That’s Universal Law.

But money is like water.  It will flow into your experience through whatever channel provides the path of least resistance.  Like water, your money is not going to bust through walls and barriers of resistance.  It will flow around them and will take the easiest path to you.  And sometimes, that path of least resistance is actually your spouse’s business.  Or a job offer for something you don’t even want to do.

You asked for the money.  You are vibrationally aligned to it.  So … the Universe has to deliver it SOMEHOW.  And it does.

That’s the good news.  Here’s the bad news.

The channel you WANT money to flow through – your business, your sacred purposeful work – is NOT actually vibrationally congruent to the money you want. At least, not yet.

You know this, because money isn’t flowing through your business yet.  Money is showing up, yes … because of YOUR vibrational alignment to it.  But you aren’t getting the clients you want, doing the work you want, because your business is not a congruent channel to the money.

That’s ALL it means.

That job offer is NOT a “sign from the Universe” for anything other than that your business is not in vibrational alignment to your personal abundance level.

Those clients who want you to do the work you no longer want to do?  It’s NOT a sign from the Universe that you “shouldn’t” switch directions.

A business, remember, is just a structure that facilitates a value exchange with the people you are here to serve.  But if that structure CAN’T deliver that value exchange …  money will show up in weird ways.  And for a short time, that can be kind of fun. Then it gets very confusing, mainly because folks think that the Universe is telling us what to do.  In reality, the Universe is responding the only way it can.  Because WE haven’t done enough work on our business yet!

Here’s the major ways your business might not be a congruent channel for money to flow into your experience:

Not enough people know that you exist, or know about the work you do.
You are not communicating the value of your work effectively.
You are not making offers to enough people.
You are not charging enough, based on the number of people you reach.

If money is showing up the “wrong” way, it’s time to focus less on the energetics of attracting abundance, and more on the practicalities of reaching and serving more people.

It means more marketing, or marketing more effectively by honing your communication skills.  It means letting more people know you exist, and making more offers to those people, or bigger offers.

It means telling the Universe, loud and clear, through your ACTIONS, that you want your money to show up THIS way – as new clients, so that you can do the work you want to do in the world.

You’re the boss of creating the channels through which money shows up.

You’re the boss of your Universe.

To your infinite abundance,
Andrrea Hess


  • Lauren says:

    Wow. This message really resonated with me. I have been experiencing this very thing in my life/business. I have experienced a shift recently to become more authentic in my business and create from the heart. I feel I have already planted the seed you are sowing in this article. You gave me inspiration and guidance to continue this. Thank you so much!

  • Dawn Nocera says:

    Yes!! What a perfecf message! I remember a time when this happened to me. I manifested a large sum of money, exactly what I had been asking for to the penny, and it came through the “wrong” channel. I wasn’t very aligned in responding to the money either. It took a while for me to see that money as evidence that I was lined up with receiving it. I love this explanation. I didn’t look at it from the resistance POV at the time.

  • Debbie says:

    That was so interesting! Actually had an experience last weekend. My husband and I went to visit a horse training facility and there was a horse there that I thought I could help so I explained what I do and gave them my card. On the way home my husband said you really don’t promote yourself, you are really good at what you do but your too humble – OUCH – yes, it has been said to me before and I can’t argue with it but I am also annoyed when around I am around other healers who go on and on about how wonderful they are and to me come of as very pushy – need to find balance 🙂 Was just wondering the other day if it is ethical to have someone else write copy about you.

  • Laura says:

    You’re the bomb, Andrrea! Thank you. Namaste!

  • Taylor O'Connor says:

    Andrrea this is a great article! I am probably one of those people you are talking about in this article and I was already aware of what is happening. I was not taking it as a sign to continue or go back to my current business which has happened before and I fell for it – Now I am even more focused on what my purpose is. The money that I’ve been saving is just allowing me to get to my purpose even faster and I’ll be able to purchase some things I need. I am networking and doing the things that I did in the past to build my current business because they are the things you mentioned which do work.

  • Lisa says:

    Dear Andrrea, Obviously, I am ONE of your students mentioned here. I got another “JOB” offer today. And a potential client whom I thought might be interested turn in a different direction. So very interesting this is still happening. I told the man who offered me the JOB no thank you and did some good brainstorming and collaboration on marketing even MORE. Plus said good by to one icky networking meeting today. The boss is in tears today!!! I am laughing and crying.


  • Jan says:

    Ha ha yep that happened to me and for once I did not take is as a sign from the universe that I was doing the wrong thing, but as a sign of where to adjust my process. Got to speak more clearly to the Universe! Market more and make bigger offers.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  • Ken Boome says:

    Dearest Andrea;

    Tell it like it is Andrea.

    This is one of the best no BS right to the “Matter of Fact” cut right to the “BullsEye” Blogs you have written. Your both feet on the ground and practical diagnosis of why we don’t have the business we say, or feel we want, or the results we want, can only traced back to how much we want the “rubber to meet the real road”….Comprehensive Behavior and actual Action. Thank you for cutting thru and telling it, “Just The Way it Is”…

    A true raving Fan of yours;

    Ken Boome

  • Serena says:

    Hi Andrrea. I’m so THRILLED because now more and more money than ever before is starting to show up for me and of course, I AM thrilled! But as you said, it is coming to me through the work I’m trying to move out of. Thanks so much for this article, now I know why this is happening. (And I’m still thrilled haha!)

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