An interesting phenomenon came up when I was on the phone with a client yesterday. I call it “adaptive modulation” and it can really undermine our manifesting process.

We all have the ability to shift our vibrational state in an instant. We do it all the time. Just close your eyes, imagine you’re sitting on a beautiful beach, sipping something with an umbrella in it, listening to the waves, feeling the sun on your skin …. aaaaah. See, you just shifted your vibrational state.

This ability to shift, to modulate our energy is what makes us the powerful Creators of our experience.

It can also work against us.

Specifically, it works against us when we modulate our vibrational patterns in order to accommodate other people. In other words, we ADAPT our energy in a reactive way around certain people, rather than standing in our authentic vibrational state.

When do we do this? Well, have you ever gone to visit your parents, only to find that you suddenly become like the twelve-year-old you once were? Have you ever downshifted your excitement about good news because the friend you were talking to was having a hard time?

Adaptive modulation happens unconsciously and often chronically. We just don’t stand in our authentic vibrational state around some people – we may actually lower our vibration whenever we’re around them, power ourselves down to seem less threatening or intimidating, or we simply don’t energize some of our vibrational spectrum because it makes someone else feel uncomfortable.

Why does this undermine our manifesting processes?

We are like radio stations, constantly emitting our energetic signature and attracting corresponding results.

When we modulate our vibrational state, we shift our energetic signature and start attracting new results. Now, if we do this on a daily basis (or even more frequently!) what are we doing? We are mucking up the clarity of our energetic signature. We may even be sending out conflicting vibrational states into the Universe! As a result, we manifest … well, not much!

Are you shifting your vibrational state depending on who you are interacting with? What if you stood authentically in your highest vibrational state, no matter what?




  • Patricia says:

    I think this is a point that I am not so good about…I find myself as I get closer to the month deadline – those doubts come in and today some one said “the LOA is bunk – stupid…and now that I think that look at all the blessings coming my way – finally.” I had to come home and look at all my notes…and tried to decide if that was dissonance or not realizing what was being said…
    I do have moments when I feel like this is a test of how much I am capable of believing?

  • Sara says:

    holy smokes yes! that is me for sure. Thank you Andrea for bringing this to attention!

  • Crystal says:

    Thanks for pointing this out Andrea. I just realized I do that all the time! Now that I am aware of it, I can shift it. Thanks!

  • Alexis says:

    Wow, thank you for this. I do this ALL the time. I was just talking about this tonight! I really needed the wake up call. Thanks.

  • Danielle says:

    I had to chuckle with the parent example… oh yes– so simple to slip into the parent/child role even though I’m in my thirties!!! I’ll be watching for that more now.

    What do you do, Andrea, when you’re with someone who is in a low spot and you’re experiencing a grand moment? Do you keep the joy to yourself to stay authentic (so as not to make the other person uncomfortable) or express fully anyway? Some of these “friends” are family members I can’t avoid, so I’d love to know how you work through it.

  • The most remarkable change is when we stop shifting into lower vibrations and stand strongly (or authentically)…That is when we stop being door mats! What an obvious thing you just pointed out!

  • Alex So says:

    Thank you for sharing this article, Andrea

    I can relate to this article because my mood is dependent on the mood of others.

    I noticed that once I stopped seeking their approval of who I am, I feel the power of standing in my own greatness to create the life I want.

  • ELC says:

    Thank you for this! This used to be a habit for me. I used to think of it as self-effacing or being a martyr. Now learning more about energy work and vibration, it’s about changing myself vibrationally. Being an empath, I’ve allowed myself to soak up a lot, making me not the person I wanted to be. I think once I became aware of what my positive powerful energy felt like, I was able to hold onto it better.

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  • cristina says:

    I really enjoyed this article!! we are brought up with no idea of this kind of harmful behaviour ( to lower our vibrational energy….) What a blessing to be aware of certain poisons….

  • Cheryl Perin says:

    What an important point! Thank you for making me aware of this. I do this all the time. Now I will change this habit and vibrate at my highest state! Thank you Andrea!

  • esp says:

    It’s insane, I can’t talk to a single member of my family without having to enter a frequency of being unlovable, impoverished, powerless, unworthy, angery, and it only gets worse. When I refused to submit to emotional blackmail, I was reacted to with voilence the first time, and threats of one kind or another have never stopped when I’ve refused to feel guilt or shame for saying that they are wrong, let alone actaully submit to their will. I end up lowering my vibarational rate in the midst of a physcailly voilent reaction from one of them because I don’t enjoy the pain of being struck.

    I eventually got so tired of some of the frequencies that I have been obligated to vibrate at that I started using psyhchic protection techniques. Which also got a very negitive response from them.

    By the way does anyone know why people are reacting in a voilital fashion to my vibrational changes at best, and voilently in some cases?

    • Andrrea Hess says:

      I think the more important question is why you are choosing to surrounding yourself with these people! That’s a CHOICE you are making. In the end, other people’s reactions are none of our business. But who we choose to surround ourselves with is most certainly our business!

      • esp says:

        Truth be told the best answer I can give is that there’s alot of what seem like reasons I could assume are the issue, but I can’t say I know the root cause. But what I can say is that these are people who I have been working for years on getting away from, my relationship with my family has an expiration critera on it (it’s called the day I can afford to move out of their house)

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