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I’ve been conducting a crazy money experiment in my business these last few months.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s been one of the more pleasant manifesting experiments I’ve ever put myself through … because it involved doing a whole lot of NOT working.

Here was the thought that started it all:

The energy of our choices will always be reflected in the energy of our consequences. That’s just how karma works! So if you take actions that resonate to joy, your consequences will resonate to joy. If you act out of obligation, you will find yourself in consequences of more obligation, and so on.

What does this mean for the concept of “work?”

Pretty simple. If you make choices from the energy of “work,” then your consequence will be … you guessed it, more work! Basically, work begets work.

Think about it … while we entrepreneurs tend to have a goal of financial freedom and freedom of time, we also work a LOT.

Granted, a lot of us aren’t that unhappy about our work. After all, we’re doing the work we love!

But we also have all these tools available to us that are designed to help us automate our business. We’re also constantly being told to delegate and outsource as much as we can. So … why is everyone so busy? Why are “automation experts” posting to Facebook fifteen times a day? Why isn’t their automation just doing its thing? Why is it that entrepreneurs with a team of six people are still working on weekends?

I wanted to know if work just creates more work … and what would happen if I just chose NOT to work.

So … I basically limited my work activities to answering the emails that I needed to answer personally, and sending out a few email offers to existing programs. I took up some hobbies. I binge-watched a lot of television shows on Netflix. Mind you, after a solid ten years of hustle, it actually took quite a lot of discipline to NOT work. My ego spent weeks yelling inside my head that I “should” be doing something “productive.”

I let the marketing automation I’ve put in place over the last few years just do its thing. Four times a month, I showed up for Q&A calls, because that’s the commitment I have to my Soul Realignment® community. And that was about it as far as “work” goes.

The results were astounding. Revenue is up by 108% over last year. After “working” for the last two years to consistently generate six figures in sales a month, apparently the real secret to reaching this goal was to sit on the couch a lot. In fact, the month in which I “worked” the most because I was teaching a live class was also my lowest revenue-producing month of the year.

Naturally, these results got me thinking a great deal about work and money, and whether these two are actually related in the way we’ve all been conditioned to believe.

The Truth is that we live in an unprecedented time on our planet where we, as individuals, are completely at choice over our financial reality. As individuals, we have the ability to reach millions of people. The Internet has lowered the bar to entry into the entrepreneurial game so that practically anyone can play. We can outsource and delegate to team members all over the world. We have incredibly sophisticated tools that allow us to automate much of our business.

Here’s what we MUST remember …

All of this opportunity has only been around for the last fifteen years or so!!! If you take a moment to appreciate the choices we have available to us today, compared to the choices that were available to our parents when they were our age, or even the choices available to us twenty years ago, the difference is truly mind-boggling.

And … our relationship with work and money just hasn’t had time to catch up to the reality we’ve collectively created for ourselves.

Most, if not all of us, grew up with the mentality that work is financially rewarded. Never mind that there are plenty of hard-working people around who are NOT actually making a whole lot of income.

Of course most of us realize that work is more highly rewarded when that work requires specific expertise, and so most of us spend a great deal of time and money acquiring expertise, so that our work will then have a higher financial return.

But we’re still working.

And work, energetically speaking, can only beget more work.

And that might be fine for some of us. After all, we’re doing the work we love, so we’re okay with constantly creating more of it … right?


The Truth is that our capacity for work is limited. There are only so many hours in the day. Yes, we can hustle our ass off. But hustle gets old after a few years.

How much more would we love our work if it was entirely optional, something we did out of fun and desire, because we want to …. because we truly don’t need the money, because we could just as well sit poolside or have a spa day instead?

What occurred to me while I was sitting on my couch, consciously NOT working, was that the amount of effort I was currently exerting didn’t matter one bit to the people who were seeing my Facebook ads, opting in to my sales funnel, watching my webinars, or taking my classes. Whether I was spending sixty or zero hours a week working didn’t matter to them at all.

There’s only ONE THING that matters to our client and customers:


And really, the value of my online program to my student is exactly the same whether I’m hustling hard behind the scenes or sitting on the couch.

Here’s what we have to remember when we want to make ourselves busy and wrap ourselves in the warm, familiar blanket of deservingness that is hard work.

A business is an opportunity to offer value, independently of our time and effort, to an UNLIMITED number of people. Because we can allow an unlimited number of people to participate in the value we offer, we can also receive an unlimited amount of value back through our business.

Value begets value … and the way we value things here, in this third-dimensional experience, is through MONEY.

So rather than creating “work” for ourselves, what if we created value?

RED ALERT: The difference is NOT a shift in attitude.

It’s tempting to make “create value, not work” a mindset thingy, and get back to “work” while declaring “I’m creating value” and in reality, doing the same thing we did before.

The difference between working and creating value is NOT a mindset shift. It’s not a change in attitude.

There MUST be a difference in what you are DOING if you expect a different result.

So let’s break down what it actually means to create value.

Creating value is NOT at all about what your clients and customers want, or say they want, or what you think they need or want from you.

Here are the components of value:

1. Your value, first and foremost, is derived from your Soul-level gifts.

Your Soul-level gifts are WHO YOU ARE, the very frequencies your Soul is made of. Your value lies in who you are, and that value is limitless and infinite. Trying to be who you are not – by modeling mentors or success stories or other people’s business models, for example! – can only result in lack.

2. Your value is also derived from your own experience.

As entrepreneurs, we all want leverage. We want to create an offer once, and then sell it over and over again … right? Well, if you want to receive consistent value from your offer, then your offer has to be something that YOU consistently value in YOUR life.

For example … I base my entire life around knowing who I am, at Soul-level. It’s how I run my business, how I parent, how I do relationships … it’s how I do everything. It’s the most valuable information and understanding that I have to share. It’s no surprise that my Soul Realignment® modality continues to be an amazing source of income for me, because it truly represents the value that I myself have experienced and continue to experience, every day.

All too often, we get side-tracked by what someone else is selling successfully, by what seems “hot” right now, or by what we just learned ourselves and haven’t even had a chance to apply to our own lives.

3. Creating value has to actually create value for you, within your creative process.

We can easily get seduced by the idea that, if we suck it up and work our ass off right now, we may hate our lives for a bit … but it will all be worth it in the end.

Guess what? It’s never worth it in the end!

Remember how karma works. The energy of your choice will be reflected in the energy of your consequence, right? (If you want to learn more about karma, check out my Karmic Mastery program.)

If you keep this in mind, then it’s obvious that you won’t create value by doing a bunch of networking you hate, or by creating an online business even though you despise dealing with technology.

If the only value we derive from creating our business is experiencing our capacity to suck it up and do what we don’t actually want to do … well, our financial results will be less than stellar.

The very PROCESS of creating our business has to give us an experience we value – not because it’s hard (that’s that old “work” mentality, sneaking back in!) but because we get to experience ourselves in our brilliance and our gifts through the action of creation.

Instead of creating work, focus on creating value.

Once you’ve actually figured out how to create value, you can focus on structuring that value so that the number of clients and customers that can participate in that value is not limited by your personal time, or effort.

Work is entirely overrated.

To your abundance,


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