How To Truly Guarantee Your Financial Success

I think everyone can get excited about having a thriving, abundant business, doing what we love.  We get to pursue our passions, serve others, be our own boss, create our own schedule, work from anywhere, and eventually make five figures a month on auto-pilot, or host an event and make six figures in a single weekend.

Seriously … what’s not to love about that vision?  Who wouldn’t want that reality?

But here’s how the plot usually unfolds.

We somehow stumble our way down the entrepreneurial training rabbit hole. We hear about all these nifty ways we can make buckets of money doing what we’re passionate about.  We get hugely excited.  We get the education we need to make it happen.  We have a plan!

And then … nothing.  When it comes time to execute the plan, we just don’t take action. Truth is, we’d rather hang out with our friends, or faux-paint our walls, or take a dance class.

Eventually, we feel guilty about our lack of implementation, decide we need more education, and back down the entrepreneurial training rabbit hole we go!

Here’s the problem.

We’re in love with the destination of a fabulous business, doing what we love.

But life, excuse the cliche, is about the journey.

And we’re not in love with the journey of entrepreneurship.

We may love the educational part of entrepreneurship.  We can sit in a seminar and get hugely excited at the possibilities for our life if we follow this business model, that sales strategy, or build an automated sales funnel.  We adore the planning, the strategizing, and the fun people we meet at events that we can talk to about our exciting plans and strategies.

But the journey is not the plan, or the strategy, or the destination.

The journey is the actual writing of marketing materials, the actual installation of WordPress, the actual getting on stage even though we’re terrified.  It’s asking people for MONEY and hoping that they understand the value of what we offer.  It’s answering emails and writing powerpoint slides.

The journey is getting up, every day, with no deadlines other than the ones we impose on ourselves, and doing the work, without anyone telling us what to do.   It takes a lot of love to be that disciplined!

We have to be as IN LOVE with the journey as we are with the destination.  Maybe we have to love it more … because, really, what do we do when we accomplish a goal?  It only takes us a day or two before we set a new one!

If we don’t love the every day entrepreneurial journey, much of which is entirely unsexy and definitely not glamorous … we’ll just stop.  Because the journey is a lot of work!

The dream and vision of the destination, whether that’s six-figure freedom or a location-independent lifestyle, is definitely important.  But what will pretty much guarantee your success is creating a journey you adore.

If you’re going to make money doing what you love, there’s just a few things you MUST do.  Your potential clients have to know you exist, and how you can serve them.  You need to invite them to work with you, and they have to be able to give you money in exchange for the value you offer.  And then you have to deliver or over-deliver on that value.

That’s it.

How you do any of these things is totally up to you.  So make sure you adore the journey.  Because that’s the real “goal,” the true “destination.”

Financial abundance is guaranteed when someone asks you: “So, what do you do for fun?”  And your very honest answer is: “Work.”  Because what others might consider “work” is actually your version of having a blast!  It’s what you WANT to do with your time.  In fact, you’ll cancel plans with your friends, leave your walls unpainted, and skip that dance class because all you want to do is “work.”

That’s loving the journey!  What about you?  Are you loving the journey, or does the journey feel like nothing but obligation and struggle?  Leave a comment and share!

To your infinite abundance,
Andrrea Hess


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