How NOT To Create A Sales Funnel …

Converting Leads to Sales

I admit it.  I’m an automation nerd. I have a close and loving relationship with my InfusionSoft application. I adore nifty plugins. I geek out over synching Facebook custom audiences with tag applications and automated webinars.  In fact, one of my automated funnels ended up creating about $500K in revenue last year alone.

But here’s the problem when we, as highly conscious transformational experts, dive into the rabbit hole of online marketing.

We get excited about how to structure a funnel … an opt-in leading to a one-time offer, leading to a webinar, perhaps, leading to an offer or a free strategy session. Or maybe it’s a launch that is structured as a three-part video series leading to an offer, with two bonus videos and a webinar on the back end.

If we’re technically inclined, we may get excited about making sales pages expire dynamically, or tracking video views, and all the options this opens up for us. If we’re not technically inclined, we often hand over the mechanics to someone who tells us what content we need for which part of the funnel.

Either way, we fall prey to the notion that the MECHANICS of a funnel are what will create income for us.

The ego LOVES the sequential, logical nature of marketing or sales funnel architecture. Mechanics make our ego feel safe. Mechanics give us the illusion that, if we just structure our business the “right” way, income is sure to follow.

Unfortunately, as soon as we focus on mechanics, we lose all the advantages of our high levels of consciousness. Our left brain leads the way, and our intuition, our deeply empathic understanding of the people we serve, our passion for our Soul purpose … they all fall by the wayside as our logical mind takes over.

A lucrative funnel has nothing to do with the mechanics of marketing.

A lucrative marketing and sales funnel has to do with the RELATIONSHIP you build with your prospects by offering them your authentic value, every step along the way.

A lucrative funnel is all about your MESSAGE. And your most compelling message doesn’t come from your ego. It comes from your heart.

All too often, I get questions like: “How many videos should I create before I make my offer?” “How long should my videos be?”

The answer, of course, is: “That depends on what you want to say!” If you can say it in five minutes, then five minutes is long enough. It it takes an hour and a half, then you might want to create five videos, or a webinar.

Mechanics are merely the servant that delivers your message.

Before you create your next funnel, ignore structure. Ignore mechanics. Ignore nifty plugins and cool automation tools.

Take a deep breath. Step into heart-based, authentic leadership. Tune in to the people that you are here to serve. Remember the Truth of your Soul Purpose. And communicate value to your prospects in a way that leads them into the next step in your relationship, and the next, and the next.

Only when you know what it is that you want to say, from your heart and from the infinite intelligence that inspires you … only THEN start thinking about the mechanics.

Find the tools that deliver your message in the most effective way. Or hire a team that knows what those tools are, and how to implement them.

Make your message the master. The message will guide the mechanics.

If instead, you let the mechanics determine your message (“I have to create three videos that are six to eight minutes long … hmmm … what should I say???”) don’t be surprised if the financial results do not come anywhere close to the value you have to offer.

Because, let’s face it, the value you truly have to offer didn’t show up in the creation of your funnel … so why would it show up in your results?

To your abundance,
Andrrea Hess