How To Develop Your Intuition

Witnessing Perfection

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With clarity of intention, we can begin looking at everything that shows up in our lives as perfect. By setting our intentions, we have announced our desired outcome to the Universe. Now everything is set in motion so that this desired outcome can manifest itself into our lives. Sometimes, what shows up is drama and upheaval. Announcing our clear intention…

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A New Perspective for New Years’ Resolutions

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The New Year is upon us. Are you setting your goals and intentions for 2009? Are you writing a list? Are you hauling out the craft supplies for your vision board? That’s good. Do all of that. But don’t for a second turn your goals and intentions for 2009 into a giant, oppressive “to-do” list that sends you into an…

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Partnering with our Higher Self

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How much do you really trust your Higher Self? Nothing in this lifetime happens without conscious participation. Our Spirit may guide us, but it’s up to our conscious minds whether to act on guidance or to ignore it completely. Our conscious mind is still the navigator of the third-dimensional plane. We put the impulses from our Higher Self into workable,…

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Arguing With Reality

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Do you ever find yourself thinking or saying things such as “I can’t believe that …” or “This should/shouldn’t be happening”? These are some of the ways we argue with reality. We “can’t believe” we didn’t get that job. We “should have” gotten that promotion. These thought patterns attempt to avoid the reality we have created. They are our mind,…

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