There’s been a theme in my life lately. That theme is all about letting go of attachment – to plans, to ideas, to projects. It’s been about moving into the present moment, staying open to guidance, and just embracing what shows up.

It seems I’m not the only one with this theme in my life. As I went through the various articles for this edition of the Carnival of Truth, it struck me how so many of the thoughts presented were about letting go, about shedding the thoughts and emotions that are in our way and no longer serving us. Perhaps this is the trend for the end of the year. Perhaps we are collectively working on leaving everything behind that we do not want to take with us into the new year.

I hope you enjoy the articles in this edition of the Carnival of Truth!

Albert Foong presents another exceptional article with Love and Aloneness – Unravelling the ego and pride posted at Urban Monk.

Matthew Spears presents his beautiful article Interconnectedness of being posted at Loving Awareness. He reminds us that our fullest potential is already within us, already present.

Tina Su presents her practical and inspiring insights in 9 Ways to Overcome Jealousy posted at Think Simple. Be Decisive..

Tom presents musings on the concept of infinity through pagan and Christian traditions in God and Math posted at

CJ presents Facing our fear of death posted at This article reminded me how important it is to let go of attachment – even the attachment to life itself.

Doug Boggs presents Your Cup Runneth Over posted at Boggs Development Group, LLC.

Pat B. Doyle presents How We Can Find Healing in Nature posted at Barton Pond Feng Shui.

Tarakananda presents The Ten Commandments of Yoga posted at The Atma Jyoti Blog.

Pat Ruppel presents thoughts on abundance in her article $$$ Money $$$ – Where Is It – Where Can I Get Some? posted at Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom.

David B. Bohl presents his thoughts on being liked and disliked in The Human Condition: Ridding Ourselves of Our Need to Be Liked posted at Slow Down Fast Today!.

Warren Wong presents his interesting perspective on conscious creation in Why Your Thoughts Create Reality – Thought, Energy, and Matter posted at Personal Development.

Tupelo Kenyon reminds us in his article that we don’t have a Soul. We have a body! Check out his article Ego or Soul? Who’s Driving? posted at Tupelo Kenyon.

Patricia Singleton presents another courageous article Mixed Emotions Keep The Hurt Alive—Incest May Be A Part Of My Life Series—Part 6 posted at SPIRITUAL JOURNEY OF A LIGHTWORKER.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy this edition’s articles.



  • Andrea, thanks for including my article. You and your blog are a constant inspiration to me.

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  • Andrea, your theme about “letting go of attachments and acting in the present moment” is pleasant to see.

    We are so goal set with so much to achieve in our lives today and so many take more time to plan a vacation than they do about their lives and miss seeing whats around them, right now.

    In my last several years I have learned to let go of so much and not be attached. But first I had to learn to loose. So each morning as I wake now, I ask a simple question, “what is it that you want me to do just today”

    I walk with that one topic in the moment and throughout the day that is given to me and it has become my formula for seeing all the opportunities that are before me now.

    I enjoy your words and writings and have saved them all since I joined your newsletter.

    Take care and continue speaking from your heart,

    just me,
    Wild Goose Studio

  • KL says:

    Great intro Andrea, and so wonderful to see the Carnvial continuing on in such strength!

    It is a great time to let go of the old… and also to release that living in spirit is simply tossing aside all knowledge, all learning, all thoughts… and trusting the knowingness inside.

  • Hi Andrea,

    Although I must confess that I’m the type that advocates a more logical approach (which you already know), but I still like reading your blog.

    It gives me more perspectives to take more rounded considerations. I do appreciate the fact that sometimes we (and I especially) need let go and move with the flow. At the same time, having a destination/plan in mind.

    It’s a fine balance, but I guess that’s what wisdom and maturity is all about; being able to hold two seemingly conflicting ideas in our mind and balance between them.

    You have fan and a friend here 🙂

  • Pat says:

    Andrea – thank you so much for adding my post to your carnival. I’m new to blogging and it’s like a whole new world has opened up to me. I’m enjoying others’ impressions and thoughts.

  • This is a great blog carnival, it has some valuable content. This is not to diminish anything in any way, but I just find that the title doesn’t correspond to the content. It’s more of a Carnival of Personal Truth, because I was thinking of something else when I read “Carnival of Truth”. I send you my love. – Mat

  • Andrea says:

    Hi Patricia – I’m a huge fan of your writing! I love your courageous authenticity … I think it’s a rare thing.

    Jon – thank you so much for your support. I love that as a mantra – what we need to do, just for today. When my mind gallops ahead with all its plans sometimes, I use something similar to remind it that the only thing to be done and considered is really just the next available choice! I agree that when we live in the future, we miss out on a lot. Thank you again!

    KL – I kind of still think of it as your carnival! 🙂 Speaking of which … given Mat’s comment, do you want to share what inspired the name?

    Lawrence – I love your logical approach! I’d be interested to know – do you think reason/logic and spirituality are conflicting points of view?

    Pat – I’m thrilled you’re enjoying your blogging journey, and to include you in the carnival. I love the blogging community, so I’m glad to welcome you here!

    Mat – well, now I want to know what you were thinking when you first read the title! Share, please … 🙂


  • Ryan says:

    A significant theme in my life lately has been DELAY. I know my soul wants to have certain experiences, but they must be put on hold for now. I suppose this is the same as the letting go of attachments you mention, but I think delay is a theme all of its own, separate from the time it takes for desires to manifest.

  • Andrea says:

    Ryan – it’s interesting that you bring this up. Definitely, we have to let go of our idea of the timing of events. But I just had an excellent learning experience around “delay.” I’ve been trying to get my new website for my Soul Realignment modality and the practitioners I’ve trained off the ground, and I had to let not one, but two different web designers go because the project was just not getting off the ground.

    So just this weekend I tackled the design myself … and much to my surprise, a mere 48 hours later, I have something that totally matches my vision. I really, really didn’t want to do this website myself (yup, some attachment there!). I kept thinking I really don’t have the design skills. But I was stuck for weeks trying to squeeze a design I liked out of some very competent web designers – with no success.

    Because it’s not about the end result, sometimes delay is a result of attachment to the “how.” My attachment was to hiring someone else to do the job. But apparently creating the site myself is a necessary part of my journey (darn it … I was stuck all weekend staring at code I barely understand) 🙂


  • Delay and, sometimes, procrastination are about timing. I believe that the Universe knows the right time for things to happen. We don’t always. Sometimes, we think we know the timing is right to do a certain activity and the Universe throws things at us that causes the timing to be different than we thought it would be. My belief is that there truly is a right time and place for everything. We see only a small, personal part of the picture. This moment is just a tiny, tiny dot in time with little significance to anyone other than us.

  • In reply to Andrea, when I first read “Carnival of Truth” what it triggered in my mind was the Truth in our world as in planet earth or in our humanity. So much truth about our existence and our true purpose is hidden from us in our society today. I thought it might be about revealing the truth about our true origins, or our purpose like the meaning of life, or whatever might have been hidden from the mass majority. So I had three different ideas related to the title. I guess I’m kind of a myth buster in my search for the truth. Personal growth discovery and enlightenment is definitely my major focus in life, but I also like to unravel life’s mysteries. – Mat

  • KL says:

    When I started this carnival I was interested in hearing people’s take on what is ‘true’ – for them personally, or from a worldview perspective.

    Was there such an thing as an absolute truth? Or was all ‘truth’ subjective and determined by perspective?

    As it turns out, few submissions every really addressed these concepts, but it didn’t mean the Carnival didn’t attract some interesting articles.

    Can we really know anything for sure?

  • Andrea says:

    KL – I’m with you on that! “Truth” is subjective, for each individual, in each moment. Like all other things, it’s nothing to get too attached to, in my opinion. As soon as we think we know “the Truth,” life usually pulls a fast one on us and we have to revisit what we think we know! That’s what keeps things interesting.

    Mat – I think through personal growth discovery and enlightenment, you DO unravel all of life’s mysteries! The ones that matter, anyway. In the end, what’s “true” in society or merely myth only matters to the point that it affects our own personal Truth, doesn’t it? It’s an interesting distinction you bring up!


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