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Without This Balance, Money Won’t Manifest …

By | Embrace Your Highest Path and Purpose | 22 Comments

Not too long ago, money was associated primarily with the Divine Masculine. Business negotiations were about winning. Boardrooms were battle grounds. Success was about beating out our competitors. Money was about status and intimidation and power over others. We highly conscious folks wanted to no part of it. And understandably so! And so we embraced the Divine Feminine, and money…

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Is It Time For A Bigger Bowl?

By | Embrace Your Highest Path and Purpose, Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Spiritual Development | 26 Comments

Really, really bizarre things are happening in the business coaching world – and even if you’re not a business coach or someone who works with entrepreneurs, you may want to keep reading. Here’s what I’ve noticed. All kinds of service-driven entrepreneurs – healers, coaches, artists, you name it – enter the business coaching world because they want to grow their…

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Why Your Efforts May NOT Create Abundance … And How To Guarantee They Will

By | Embrace Your Highest Path and Purpose, Manifest Money, Manifest Your Desired Outcomes, Money and Spirituality, Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Spiritual Development | 11 Comments

We are generally conditioned to go through life doing as much as we “have to” do. We learn, from an early age, to invest effort “as needed.” Is it any surprise, then, that we are meeting our financial “needs?” Sure, we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, our bills are paid and maybe we have a…

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