Why You Must End This Bad Business Romance, Right Now.

By | Embrace Your Highest Path and Purpose | 9 Comments

If you’re a woman entrepreneur, chances are you’re engaged in a bad business romance. From being madly, passionately head over heels in love to having just a little bit of a crush, this business romance costs us time, money, and focus. I blame Disney. And romantic comedies. The romance goes something like this: “One day, my prince will come …”…

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Gateway to manifesting power

The ONE True Gateway To Financial Manifesting Power

By | Embrace Your Highest Path and Purpose, Manifest Money, Money and Spirituality, Releasing Limiting Beliefs | 8 Comments

There’s only ONE true gateway to increasing your manifesting abilities, and therefore your ability to create your chosen financial reality. Yep, just ONE. This gateway is what I like to call “conceptually popular” – everyone loves the IDEA of this gateway and embraces it – in theory. The practicality, of course, is a different story. Now, before we get into…

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yin yang sign on a dark blue background

Without This Balance, Money Won’t Manifest …

By | Embrace Your Highest Path and Purpose | 22 Comments

Not too long ago, money was associated primarily with the Divine Masculine. Business negotiations were about winning. Boardrooms were battle grounds. Success was about beating out our competitors. Money was about status and intimidation and power over others. We highly conscious folks wanted to no part of it. And understandably so! And so we embraced the Divine Feminine, and money…

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