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How To Never Work Again

By | Embrace Your Highest Path and Purpose, Manifest Money, Money and Spirituality, Releasing Limiting Beliefs | 9 Comments

I’ve been conducting a crazy money experiment in my business these last few months. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s been one of the more pleasant manifesting experiments I’ve ever put myself through … because it involved doing a whole lot of NOT working. Here was the thought that started it all: The energy of our choices will…

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Why You Must End This Bad Business Romance, Right Now.

By | Embrace Your Highest Path and Purpose | 8 Comments

If you’re a woman entrepreneur, chances are you’re engaged in a bad business romance. From being madly, passionately head over heels in love to having just a little bit of a crush, this business romance costs us time, money, and focus. I blame Disney. And romantic comedies. The romance goes something like this: “One day, my prince will come …”…

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