Dear Conscious Entrepreneur:

Are you ready to put an end to your financial frustrations?

Are you tired of running from one training to the next, trying one marketing method, sales strategy, and business model after another, trying to finally achieve the level of financial success you know your work deserves?

Chances are, you’re experiencing one of these two situations:

1. You are not making the money you want.  Maybe you’re not even close.

2. You’re making money but are run down, stressed out, and hate your lifestyle.

Isn’t it amazing that you can be so self-expressed and joyful about delivering your products and services to the world …

… but the DOING of your BUSINESS is like wading through mud?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s entirely possible for you to make an amazing income, while putting in joyful effort (not hard work!) and creating the lifestyle of your dreams.

I know … you’ve heard that before, right?  It’s what every expert is telling us.  And some people certainly seem to be living that reality.  So why not you?

“Dear Conscious Entrepreneur:  I solemnly promise never to teach you my business model.

You are not me, and I am not you. My business model can’t possibly work for you … because it expresses ME.

I am, however, totally committed to teaching you YOUR business model … the one that expresses the Divine essence of who YOU are. YOUR business model is the one that will actually make you MONEY.” – Andrrea Hess

Here’s what no-one seems to be talking about.

The way to get to both your financial breakthrough and ideal lifestyle is not a business or marketing strategy.  It’s not a signature system or talk.  It’s not an automated webinar.  It’s not small or large events.  It’s not an automated sales funnel.

These things are only the mechanics through which we create income.   They are by no means the root cause of what makes money happen.

Obviously, this must be true.  After all, you can have ten entrepreneurs, all experts in their field, all passionate about serving their clients, all embracing pretty much the same business model … and only one or two will create actual financial results.

Why is that?  Why do some entrepreneurs fill their events with ease, while others can’t get butts in seats?  Why do some entrepreneurs create amazing results through automated webinars, while others can’t seem to get ANYTHING to convert online?

There are REAL REASONS for why some business models work for SOME … and others fall flat.  Not only that, but if you know where to look, what will actually work for YOU becomes predictable!

Yes, you can have the peace and security that comes with knowing exactly what business model will work for YOU, before you invest your precious time and money.

But you won’t find that peace and security and financial freedom outside of yourself.  You won’t find it in other people’s “proven” systems, or in ravingly positive testimonials, or even in clever marketing and sales strategies.

You have to look elsewhere.  And if you’ve been working on your business for a while, you KNOW this is true.

Here’s actually what makes money happen:

Expression Of Your Soul Self


Alignment To Your Desired Income Level


Practical Business Mechanics (Marketing, Sales, Etc.)


Actual business mechanics are the smallest part of what makes us money. Yes, they are important. But they are nowhere near the most important component of financial success.

In fact, you can be pretty sloppy in your marketing and sales, and still make a shit-ton of money if you get the other components right!

Are you ready to approach business in a whole new way, from the inside out, from your Soul to your humanity, from your Divine into your human self-expression?

Awesome! Let’s get started.

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